​​Bohemian Roastery

Bohemian Roastery is a family run, wood-fire coffee roasting company from the high desert town of Bend, Oregon.  When we found out that the majority of all coffee in the world is roasted using petroleum fired heat, we decided to find a better way.  This focused exploration lead us to discover a far more healthful and flavorful way of roasting.  We designed and hand-built a one of a kind roaster that uses select hardwoods instead of petroleum.  This makes Bohemian Roastery one of only a few committed roasters in the U.S. to use this ancient and proven method. Hardwoods produce a gentler, moister heat that allows the oils and flavors to develop at a slower rate.  This eliminates the bitter aftertaste that can overpower the flavor of a quality bean.  We source all green beans directly from socially and environmentally responsible farms, grown in the finest coffee producing regions of the world.

Our inspiration to begin this coffee journey was born from the Bohemian philosophy: "To bring like-minded people together for a common good"

   Everyone needs some coffee to love.