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Monthly Coffee Fix Subscriptions Now Available-discount!

Thank you for your interest in setting up subscriptions BoRo-rians! You can now order our single origin coffees, and (NEW offering!) Metolius Chai Tea Concentrate, on our webstore. Single orders are available as well if that's how you would rather get your shipment/delivery. But there is a 10% discount on subscription orders!

Free local delivery still applies in the Bend, and surrounding area using promo code LOCAL at checkout. Flat rate $6 shipping still applies everywhere else in the continental 48 states up to 5 pounds.

So what is this new product offering? Organic Metolius Tea Chai is sweet, hot and spicy. A black tea concentrate made with FRESH ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and a touch of black pepper and cayenne. Our favorite way to use it is in a "Dirty Hippie" (a splash in black coffee and/or espresso). But we hear some like to drizzle it on ice cream or even mix it into their ginger beer-bourbon cocktails ; )

Find recipes here:

Thank you for being part of the BoRo family!

Shelley, Jeff and Jacob Akers


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