Creamy, Loamy, Earthy and Sweet


Dark Roast


Mandheling is the western most island in Indonesia. The small production farms here use what is called “giling basah” a (wet hulling) process of removing the pulp from the coffee bean. This creates a wonderfully smooth, sweet and balanced coffee.

Sumatra | Mandheling

  • We roast very small batches of beans daily over wood fire to ensure that you receive the freshest product.  Listed are single origin coffee beans.  Bags are sold in whole beans.  If you would like to customize your order we would be happy to accommodate, including grinding the beans for you.

Bohemian Roastery meticulously roasts in five-pound batches, assuring each globally responsibly sourced bean is given the chance to develop its rightful complex and unique flavor.


The process of roasting with select hardwoods is labor intensive and purposeful. Wood produces a gentle, moist heat that develops the bean without lowering the PH, reducing acid and making it more gentle on your body.

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