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Coffee Beans
Roasting Coffee

Bohemian Roastery

Bohemian Roastery’s Wood Fire Roasted Coffee is as close to PH balanced as coffee can get while possessing a twenty-first century smooth finish. Endless flavor with none of the bitter aftertaste. Bohemian Roastery meticulously roasts in five-pound batches, assuring each globally responsibly sourced bean is given the chance to develop its rightful complex and unique flavor.


Wood Fire Roasted Coffee

Bohemian Roastery

Wood Fire Roasted 




The process of roasting with select hardwoods is labor intensive and purposeful. Wood produces a gentle, moist heat that develops the bean without lowering the PH, reducing acid and making it more gentle on your body.

A scientifically developed wood fire roaster has been designed specifically for this unique roasting technique which combines proven old-world methods with just enough modern science to make our uniquely wonderful Wood Fire Roasted Coffee, amazing!

“The best coffee I have ever had...Would recommend to anyone looking for a yummy coffee experience!" 

— Samantha C., Yelp

“This place is one of a kind. Of utmost importance, the coffee is great. Wonderful flavor. Not bitter at all. You need to check out the custom built, wood fired roaster. Super cool..."

— Jim A., Yelp

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